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Smokers pipes and bongs strives to offer smokers across the world with an scintillating experience of the lifetime by offering them with an array of smoking pipes and bongs that will surely blow their mind and enhance their experience of smoking. With our online service, we offer our clients the ability to look and choose the smoking pipe or bong as per their choice and interest. At our place, you will be surely surprised with the array of bongs available for sale online. You can choose from a myriad of bongs and smoking pipes in required shape, colour, size, material, design and types. Desired product reaches to you at your door-step with just a few clicks.

Our range of smoking pipes and bongs are devised to have a sleek look with great colour combinations of vibrant and lively shades. Designs like zigzag, straight twisted or animal shaped pipes and bongs will surely take your breath away. While designing our range of pipes and bongs, we ensure that their shape is ergonomically correct. In order to give the articles a better and innovative look, we use hand-blown and thick glass manufacturing technology. However, while we do so we ensure that we do not compromise on the quality of our designs and material. Let’s have a sneak peek of the products that we offer:

  • Smoker’s Pipe– Smoking pipe is truly a relaxing experience and thing of beauty. You will surely enjoy smoking with our range of smoking pipes as they give the smoker, a look of class and style. Holding a smoking pipe is a pleasure to hold and therefore, it draws an amount of respect from the eyes of the beholder.
  • Bongs– Bongs are the apparatus used especially for smoking marijuana and tobacco etc. The word is derived from a Thai word ‘Baung’ that stands for a cylindrical hollow pipe. Enjoy smoking bongs and set a standard of class.


Smoking Pipes– It is a universally accepted fact that different smoking pipes taste differently and that’s why no two smoking pipes are alike. Smoking pipes comprise of a large variety of shapes and sizes. You must have had come across smoking pipes created from wooden tubes, stems in the hands of people smoking them in a darkened black room. But have you ever thought about different smoking pipe shapes. We often develop our choice for a particular type of shape or size or colour etc. This is the reason why, we offer smokers with a wide variety of smoking pipes so that they can enjoy their smoking sessions to the most.

While going through our range of smoking pipes, you will surely realize our flair for unique designs, colours, shapes and sizes of smoking pipes. At smokers pipes and bongs, we always pay attention to the material that we use for manufacturing our range of smoking pipes. Moreover, we ensure hygienic environment for storage of our products. We offer best quality smoking pipes at affordable prices. Since we manufacture these smoking pipes at our own hence the price of our range of smoking pipes do not involves any additional costs and therefore our prices are very reasonable.

Bongs– Bongs are also termed as water pipes. Bongs are basically apparatus that is utilized for smoking cannabis such as marijuana, tobacco etc. While smoking, smokers inhale smoke that is bubbled through the chamber that contains water or a liquid that lowers down the temperature of the hot smoke. These water pipes are the contemporary version of Arabian hookahs that were originally devised to smoke tobacco or other flavoured smoking cannabis. Although, bongs are inspired from hookahs but there are certain between the two; Hookahs are usually simpler. Water pipes consist of a single mouthpiece on the water chamber whereas hookah’s one or more hoses.

Smoking bongs involves inhalation of smoke that passes through the liquid in the chamber usually water. The water serves the purpose of cooling down the temperature of the smoke before it enters your lungs. Also, the water can easily trap the heavier or more soluble particulate matter from entering your body and harming you. This is one of the main reasons why these water pipes are considered good for you. Many say that cannabis smoked using a bong is much safer than several other recreational drugs. Select the one that suits your style from our array of colourful and ergonomic bongs.