Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

It blows my mind that we are just weeks away from 2014 and medical marijuana is not legalized nationwide.  The benefits are overwhelming and with the legalization of alcohol, cigarettes, and pain killers, having a ban on medial marijuana is nothing but a contradiction.

Benefits of (medical) marijuana

Depending on the type of cannabis and the way you ingest it, the effects and benefits of the drug can vary.  But at a high level marijuana can increase appetite, subside nausea, alleviate chronic pain, decrease anxiety, and allow for better sleep.

Marijuana vs prescription pain killers

Although prescription pain killers are effective they can be extremely dangerous.  The drugs can be addictive to many, and on average 100 Americans will overdose EVERY DAY.  Marijuana can be addictive (like any drug), but the end result of excessive use does not compare to that of pain killers.  To date, there are no recoded incidents of someone overdosing on marijuana.


Who should use medical marijuana?

As mentioned before, marijuana has many beneficial side effects.  But if there is one person that stands out who could truly use medical marijuana its cancer patients.  As most of you already know, cancer patients typically face months of chemo in attempt to rid the cancer of their body.  Even though chemo can be effective in killing off the cancer, the byproducts of the treatment can do a number on you.

Common side effects of chemo are loss of hair, nausea, body pains, and loss of appetite which in turn leads to weight loss and decreased energy.  One of these side effects is usually more than a person wants to deal with, but all of them at once is enough to leave you in pain 24 hours a day.

Aside from the hair loss, marijuana can alleviate if not fix the side effects from chemo.  By using marijuana, one can prevent nausea and increase their appetite.  An increase in appetite will allow them to eat more, and more calories equals more energy.  Most importantly, marijuana can give you a body high which works just as well as any pain killer, if not better!

Wrapping up

While there is a case for recreational marijuana to remain illegal, medical marijuana is a no brainer.  The benefits are greater than any pain killer on the market, and by many standards, much safer.

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