California Marijuana Laws

California Marijuana Laws

In the state of California, possession of marijuana is decriminalized.  Possessing 28.5 grams or less is enough to be fined for $100.  If you posses the 28.5 grams or less as a minor its considered a misdemeanor and you could be sentenced to 10 days of jail or a $250 fine.

If you have more than the 28.5 grams of marijuana it is also a misdemeanor which can lead to 6 months behind bars or a $500 fine.  Carrying such amounts of marijuana could easily lead to charges of intent to distribute which carry much higher fines.

If you cultivate without a medical marijuana card, regardless of the amount, it will be consider a felony.  This offense could be punishable by 16-36 months in prison.

If you distribute 28.5 grams or less without any compensation California will consider it to be a misdemeanor.  Taking compensation would be considered a felony and you could face up to 2-4 years in prison.

Distribution of 28.5 grams by a minor is a misdemeanor and could be charged up to $250.  Distributing to a minor is a much more serious offense.  It is considered a felony and could find you behind bards for 3-5 years.

If you happen to be under the age of 21 and are convicted, you could lose your license up to 1 year.

Side Note: These laws may not be 100% up to date or 100% accurate for every county in California.  We do our best to keep this information up to date but cannot offer a guarantee on the validity of all statements.

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