How to Use a Bong

Although bongs are larger than most smoking pieces, they are relatively simple to use. Here is a simple 3 step process to using your bong.

1. Preparing your bong

Start by pouring water down the neck of the bong so it starts to fill the bottom of the bong. Fill the bottom of the bong until the water level reaches just above the top of the down stem.

2. Place Smoking Material in Bowl

Remove the bowl/slide from the bong and place your smoking material in the bowl. Fill the bowl with the desired amount of smoking material, but make sure you do not pack the material in. Packing the bowl tightly with smoking material will make it difficult to smoke.

3. Smoke the Bong

Now all the prep work is done, its time to start smoking. With your lips sealing the top of the bong, light the smoking material and begin to inhale. As you inhale you will see the bong and chamber begin to fill with smoke. Once your chamber is filled with smoke, remove the bowl from the bong and continue to inhale.

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