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Electronic Scale 420 Box, Sealed Tank Grinder, Toolkit Grinder 6 Piece Set, Smoking set

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Electronic Scale 420 Box - the ultimate package for all your smoking needs. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to enhance your smoking experience.

The Electronic Scale is a precise and reliable tool that allows you to accurately measure your smoking materials. With a range of 0.01g to 700g, it ensures precise measurements for a perfect smoke every time.

The 420 Box is a stylish and durable storage solution for your smoking accessories. Made from high-quality tinplate, it provides a secure and organized space for your grinders, pipes, and other essentials.

The Sealed Tank Grinder is a versatile and efficient grinder that ensures a consistent grind every time. Its airtight design keeps your herbs fresh and prevents any odor leakage.

The Toolkit Grinder 6 Piece Set includes a variety of grinders with different sizes and functionalities. From the 50mm-4 Zinc Alloy Grinder to the 18*14mm Iron Tray, this set offers options for all your grinding needs.

The Smoking Set also includes two 110mm Plastic Smoking Pipes for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The Plastic Manual Cigarette Roller allows you to roll your own cigarettes with ease.

To top it off, the set comes with a convenient bag with a pearl cotton lining, providing protection and portability for all your smoking essentials.

Crafted with high-quality materials and designed with convenience in mind, our Electronic Scale 420 Box, Sealed Tank Grinder, Toolkit Grinder 6 Piece Set, Smoking Set is the perfect choice for smokers who value functionality and style. Elevate your smoking experience with this comprehensive set and enjoy every puff with ease and satisfaction.

Product Information Details
Product Size 23*20*7cm
Material Tinplate + High Borosilicate Glass + Plastic + Canvas
Product Weight 608g
Number of Sets per Carton 32
Carton Dimensions 48*41*57cm
Package Includes
1. Zinc Alloy Grinder (50mm-4)
2. 110mm Plastic Smoking Pipes (2 pieces)
3. Plastic Sealed Jar
4. Electronic Scale (0.01-700g)
5. 18*14mm Iron Tray
6. Plastic Manual Cigarette Roller
7. Bag + Pearl Cotton Lining

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